Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement surgery or otherwise known as knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure where the damaged knee joint and kneecap are resurfaced at the ends of the bones that form the knee joint. This kind of surgery is usually recommended where there is significant damage from arthritis, or a severe knee injury has occurred.
Surgery provides reduced pain symptoms and improved perceived function and quality of life. However, surgery also poses significant impairments in muscle strength, knee function and knee proprioception. Exercise therapy both pre- and post-surgery provides many benefits to the outcomes of your knee surgery. Exercise therapy before surgery (perioperative exercise) is beneficial for recovery post-surgery and may facilitate accelerated recovery and post-surgical function. Rehabilitation exercise post-surgery is widely promoted and essential for the recovery and return to function of the knee joint. Exercise post-surgery will allow you to have function and stability around the knee joint overall improving your quality of life and post-surgical outcomes. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are able to provide you appropriate exercise and information during all stages of your knee surgery journey.

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