Physiotherapy and Massage

Physiotherapists are highly qualified health professionals that use advanced manual therapy techniques i.e. dry needle therapy, mobilisation of joints, active releases, strapping, massage, trigger point therapy, strengthening and flexibility exercises . Physiotherapists assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders. Physiotherapy helps reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life.

Physiotherapists are eligible for Medicare and private health fund rebates. They can also assist with Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident, NDIS and Department of Veteran Affairs claims.

Remedial Massage Therapists are practitioners who deal with specific issues, contraindications or dysfunctions, and use manual therapy to treat, manage your health concerns. Where as opposed to a massage therapist, who may give you a massage to relax and rejuvenate your tired muscles and mind.

Remedial Massage Therapists are eligible for private health fund rebates

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Meghann Bullen (Nee Coffey)

Meghann completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) in 2016 from the University of Newcastle, after which she joined the Australian Army as Physiotherapist.

Meghann aims to help people recover from injuries without the need to stop training or doing the things they love. Meghann can help through dry needling, manual treatment, exercise therapy and strength and conditioning development.

Meghann has extensive experience working with chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries in private practice, outpatient clinics, emergency departments and with sporting teams. Meghann was accredited as an Australian Strength and Conditioning coach in 2018 and assisted physical trainers with the development of human performance training within the Army at Gallipoli Barracks in Brisbane. Meghann has had the privilege of being the Physiotherapist for the Australian Defence Force Hockey team and the Australian Army Ruby Union team during their international engagement tours to New Zealand and Tonga respectively.

Meghann is particularly interested in managing running injuries as a keen runner herself. Meghann has been running ultra-marathons for the last eight years and recently set the female record for the Margaret River Ultra 80kms in 8hours and 24minutes. When she is not working or running Meghann enjoys learning to surf, free diving or spending time with her German Shephard Storm.

Epril Nossent

Epril is dual accredited, working as both an Exercise Physiologist and Remedial Massage Therapist. Epril has been working as a Qualified Remedial Therapist since 2015 with a Diploma in Remedial Massage from Australian Institute of Massage. Epril was motivated to offer more than hands on treatment so she completed a Bachelor in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation to become a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. She finds both fields compliment each other to facilitate the best outcomes for her clients.

Epril has a particular passion for helping those with the following:

- Osteoarthritis

- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Ankylosing Spondylitis

- Gout

- Osteoporosis

- Fibromyalgia

- Chronic Fatigue

Epril is very passionate about her fitness,  currently playing soccer for Balcatta FC. Epril previously played in the United States for 2.5 years as part of a soccer scholarship. She is also part of the WA Para Football support staff.

Rosie Windsor

Rosie completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle.

Rosie places emphasis on exercise and education as key factors in her treatment approach. She can help through manual therapy, exercise therapy and strength and conditioning development to help people achieve their goals.

Rosie has expanded her skillset through Level 1 Bradcliffe Practitioner training, allowing her to incorporate breathing assessment and retraining in her approach to injury management, performance and recovery.

When she is not working Rosie enjoys running, playing tennis, or attempting to surf.

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Musculoskeletal Injuries

Preventing and treating clients with musculoskeletal conditions such as neck and back pain. Techniques include addressing underlying problems, preventing strain and injury, and prescribing exercises and other interventions to promote mobility.

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Preventing or managing chronic orthopaedic conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and amputations. They also help patients prepare for or rehabilitate from orthopaedic surgery such as rotator cuff, meniscus and ACL repairs. Find Out More

Women & Mens Health

Guiding clients how to engage their pelvic floor which is important for preventing incontinence. For women understanding suitable exercises and intensities pre, during and post pregnancy. For men understanding suitable exercises for pre, during and post prostate treatment / surgery, which can have many side effects treated very effectively with strength and aerobic training.

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Occupational Health

Supporting the health and wellbeing of workers, reducing safety risks in the workplace, preventing and managing injuries and diseases, and supporting workers in returning to work. Options include: seminars, workshops, health promotion materials, health assessments and consulting.

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Remedial Massage

Assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management.

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Sports Massage

Used to help prevent and manage injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity, and to help athletes recover from training, games or events.

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Pregnancy Massage

Relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as stress, back aches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and swelling.

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Stress Management

Release built up tension and take some time out for you.

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